May he vindicate the afflicted of the people, Save the children of the needy And crush the oppressor. Psalm 72:4

This is the hardest post I hope I will ever have to write.  I have lost my children to my abuser.  It’s not fair.  I have read so many same stories about a parent who has no choice but to report their child’s statements of abuse and their bruises only to have the children taken from them because the abuser is more believed by the Court than the innocent parent.  We have a travesty in this country where the Judicial system believes all reports of suspected abuse,even those by mandatory reporters, that are made during a custody conflict are for the sole purpose of parental alienation.  What is a parent to do?  Ignore the black eye and the large bruises on a child’s thigh?  Or the fist shaped bruises on his cheek that have occurred many many times? Or the other 12 bruises and the statements made by the children that they have been abused?   I never would have imagined a convicted habitual domestic abuser’s words that he can’t explain the bruises would carry more weight than a doctor who documented multiple bruises on a two year old as non-accidental.  DSS needs to step up to the plate and stop simply screening out reports and citing high conflict custody.  My sons bruises are not custody conflict!  They are evidence a trauma has occurred and whether this trauma is by negligence or abuse, this child is not safe in that environment. What legitimate parent could care for a child, have that child injur himself to the extent of a large facial bruise and not know how the child was injured?  And when did we start accepting no explanation for multiple injuries on a small child?  When it comes down to it, a parent has a choice- ignore the bruises and the stories of abuse or risk reporting to DSS and pray someone investigates or the Court will take your children.  Guilty until proven innocent! say a prayer for my children that God brings them back home safe!  I have never felt so oppressed as I do at this moment.  #MyChildToo

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