The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm. Exodus 14:14

I found this verse a while ago, when we were deep in the trenches and I was tired and weary.  I have this verse on the cover of my phone to remind me.  Having lost this battle (not the war), it’s easy to think we missed something or we didn’t do enough, or we didn’t do it right, or maybe God isn’t in this. And then I’m reminded of the evil by the emotional and physical scars and I know He’s in this battle.  His heart is broken too.  He’s moving for a better ending in His way and in His timing  I’ve done a lot of research and this issue of fit parents losing custody to the abuser is so rampant its pandemic!  The justice system needs an overhaul.  It is so difficult to stay calm and to remember I cannot see what God is working on beyond what my eyes can see. I know I need a voice to shout this out and get the attention of higher powers in government but who am I?  Soon, my deliverer will let them know who I am!

Lord, give me the strength and the wisdom to stay calm while we wait for your will to be done.  Amen

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