“More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish so that I may gain Christ” Philippians 3:8

After having surgery last week, I am recovering. As time passes, I am experiencing more pain than I did the first few days following the surgery. I am told this is normal. I will be having another surgery (or two) in the coming weeks, depending on what my oncologist plans for treatment. I do fear this additional surgery as it will render my left side as unusable as my right side currently is. Women who have undergone both sides at the same time are my heroes!

After having been confined to the house for a week now, I ventured out of the house today to pick up a cup of coffee. Ever since Gevalia was bought out by kraft, I no longer order that brand. If your familiar, than I know you get it. If not, Gevalia Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee was a treasure I will forever miss.

While at the gas station today, a local high school student forgot to pay for her gas. I gained the impression from the panic of the gas station workers that drive offs are frequent and come with some hefty legal consequences. Imagine this poor young girls dismay when she realizes, by law enforcement, that she drove off without paying for her gas and now has to face the legal consequence of her brain fart. I didn’t even hesitate- I paid for her gas. I have no idea who she is or what her intentions were. She may have drove off purposefully for all I know. It didn’t matter and frankly didn’t cross my mind until I sat to write this post. I paid and walked out quietly. The only reason I even mention it now is I remember a bible story and it makes a good post. The Bible story is about a thief who’s debt was paid by the owner of the property. The story I remember went like this- a thief had robbed a house and the owner of the house went to the jail and dropped the charges, stating that he had given the thief the property in exchange for the thief’s freedom. I believe this to be a parable to the life of Jesus Christ, in which His life was sacrificed so that we sinners may be saved. I searched for this story but was unable to find it to quote it. Maybe it was just a good story told without a biblical reference but non the less, it is one I think of often as it pertains to forgiving our trespassers. I’m not saying the forgetful student today intended to steal anything. But without hesitation, I didn’t leave it to chance that the law would view things the same. I believe in the practice of paying things forward! All that I have has been given to me on loan to be used for His work, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I also have the thought “No good deed goes unpunished”. Lol. Whatever my consequence, today I’m happy and Grateful for the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else.

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